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Meyers Lake Preserve Inc. 2012 Spring Newsletter News and Announcements
"Fish for tomorrow by releasing your catch today"

The Meyers Lake Preserve Inc. trusts you had a good off-season and we welcome you to what we hope will be an enjoyable and safe Boating Season on Meyers Lake.

Please take note of the following information:

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Boat Ramp
Lake Use Fees
Stark County Sheriff Lake Patrol
Docks, Seawalls and Shoreline
Meyers Lake Preserve's Projects & Initiatives
Meyers Lake Preserve Inc.

Boat Ramp

As you know, the Meyers Lake Resident's Boat Ramp was completed and put into operation last Fall. Authorized Lake users can put their boats in or take them out, whenever they want, free of charge. There are no set dates in the Spring when you have to put your boat in the water. In the Fall, you can leave your boat in as long as you want and take it out on your own schedule.

We are all looking forward to this Spring so we can enjoy the colorful display of blossoms from the Eastern Red Bud Trees, the River Birch Trees, the Rhododendrons, and Pink Creeping Thyme that were planted along the Boat Ramp's shoreline.

Soon the area will be fenced and gated. In keeping with our "Green Theme", the electric gates and security lighting will be powered by Solar Power Cells. You will be given an access code to the gate when you receive this year's boat sticker, so you can come and go whenever you want.

Please take note of the following information:
Lake Use Fees (are the same as last year)

Class 1 - Pontoon boats and sailboats over 16 ft. $325
Class 2 - All fishing boats with motors. $225
Class 3 - All other watercraft - this may include canoes, kayaks, rowboats , paddleboats, sailboats under 16 ft, and wind-surfers. $50

You need to either mail or take your completed Registration form and check payable to Putman Properties, Inc. They are located at 3978 Fulton Drive, NW, Canton Ohio in the Fulton Road Plaza across from St. Michael's School. Their phone number is 330-498-4400. Their fax number is 330-498-3800. Their office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm. Please speak to either Becky or Melanie.

Stark County Sheriff Lake Patrol

Deputies from the Sheriff's Department will again patrol the lake during the 2012 season to ensure safety and compliance with all laws and compliance with the Lake Rules and Regulations. Suspension and/or termination of Lake privileges may apply to anyone not obeying all Lake Rules and Regulations.


The Meyers Lake Preserve is not responsible for swimmers or swimming safety. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Swimming after dark is strongly discouraged.

Docks, Seawalls and Shoreline

No docks or seawalls may be built on the Lake without prior written approval of The Preserve, as well as the Meyers Lake Planning Commission. Approved seawalls must be built completely on the landowner's property. Any modification of the shoreline, including dredging and/or removal of any aquatic plants are prohibited.

Meyers Lake Preserve's Projects & Initiatives

1.) The Preserve has been working on a "Meyers Lake Clean Water Program" to mitigate the (160+) acre storm water runoff that Stark County has been draining into the Northeast corner of Meyers Lake through a (4) foot by (6) foot concrete Box Culvert. The storm water runoff contains high concentrations of total suspended solids and chemicals that are harmful to the ecosystem of Meyers Lake. To address these water quality issues, The Preserve has developed a stream restoration project, in partnership with Kent State University and Davey Resource Group to provide a method of treatment of storm water as it flows through a restored "day-lighted" stream channel (instead of the closed culvert), that incorporates wetland pools and improved riparian habitat/vegetated buffer zones. The Preserve has applied to the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District for a $200,000 grant to help get the project off the ground. We are still in negotiations with Muskingum at this writing.

2.) As a result of the large amounts of sediment from the above mentioned storm water runoff, it became apparent that, in the future, Meyers Lake would have to be dredged. The Preserve met with officials from Lake Cable to get advice on the project. Lake Cable dredged their lake a few years ago at a cost of several million dollars. They explained that they have a homeowners association and that each homeowner was assessed their share of the expense. Meyers Lake Preserve will have to pay 100% for any dredging done in our Lake.

While searching for revenue sources that would enable us to save for this huge expense, we were approached by Chesapeake Exploration, LLC. After much research and negotiations, The Preserve entered into an oil and gas lease with Chesapeake, on 12/21/10, with the following stipulations:

(A). No Surface: "The parties hereto agree that without a separate written agreement or order Lessee shall not have the right to drill wells, construct pipelines, construct access roads and/or install any other facilities on the herein described leased premises." The formation the oil companies are producing is located over a mile beneath Meyers Lake and can only be accessed by a well drilled horizontally a very safe distance from the Lake.

(B). Setbacks - No Drilling Within 600 Feet: "No well shall be drilled and no surface or compression facilities shall be placed nearer than (600) feet of any structure, house, barn, water well, spring or septic system located on the leased premises without written consent of Lessor."

(C). Disposal Wells: "Lessee is not granted any right whatsoever, to use the Leasehold, or any portion thereof, for construction and/or operation of any disposal well, injection well, or the construction and/or operation of water disposal facilities."

The Preserve met with a geologist and an expert in the oil and gas business before making on a decision on the lease. Every possible precaution was considered and, in the long run, we feel that Meyers Lake will benefit greatly from the improvements this agreement will help afford. Anyone producing oil and gas in Ohio is doing so under very strict regulations established by The Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Don't be misinformed by what you read in the papers or hear from the media or others who are misinformed.

The Preserve feels that every possible precaution was taken and that, in the long run, Meyers Lake will benefit greatly from the improvements this agreement will help afford.

Meyers Lake Preserve Inc.

Did you realize that the Meyers Lake Preserve Inc. is a tax deductible charity? Yes! We are a 501(c)(3) (Non-Profit organization), deductible on your taxes and yes, you are contributing to the wellbeing of Meyers Lake, a very precious asset in our community. No donation is too small and is very welcome. There are already those who have contributed generously. Please consider any donation for the future of Meyers Lake.

Checks can be made out to:

Meyers Lake Preserve Inc.
c/o John Wirtz
PO Box 21300
Canton OH 44701

Meyers Lake Preserve Inc. Board of Trustees:

John B. Wirtz, President
Fred Kloots
Lee DiCola

Chuck Decker
David Smith
Ron Briggs