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Meyers Lake Preserve, Inc. Board of Directors



The purpose of these Rules and Regulations is to encourage, (though not insure) safety and to establish the rights and responsibilities of all persons authorized by the Meyers Lake Preserve, Inc. to use and enjoy Meyers Lake.

The Meyers Lake Preserve, Inc. herein referred to as "The Preserve", is the owner of Meyers Lake. The Preserve has entered into a management contract with Putman Properties, Inc. for the management of Meyers Lake.


The Preserve has ownership of Meyers Lake. This gives the Preserve certain specific rights:

...the exclusive right to control all recreational activities on Meyers Lake by promulgating such rules and regulations as it deems appropriate, subject to the rights granted to the owners of real estate on Meyers Lake.

...shall have the right to enforce any and all rules or regulations made by The Preserve including the right to prosecute.


A. Usage permits shall only be issued to an individual or "family" unit, therefore club or association memberships are not permitted.

1. A "family unit" is defined as the head of a household, the spouse and all dependent children under the age of twenty-three (23) who have not established permanent residence elsewhere than with the head of the household.

B. Every person who enters upon or uses the waters of Meyers Lake must have a valid, fully paid permit.

C. Every guest and vacant property guest who enters upon or uses the waters of Meyers Lake, must be accompanied by a valid member at all times.

D. All guests, property renters and vacant property users are subject to the Rules and Regulations contained herein and it is the duty of the member or property owner whom the guest is accompanying to inform, advise, and take corrective action to insure compliance with these rules.

E. A Resident, Guest, Lake Renter or Vacant Property User or other authorized lake user's lake use privileges, may be revoked/suspended/prosecuted as deemed appropriate by The Preserve and its Board of Directors, for violations of these Rules and Regulations.

F. All lake users shall at all times obey the Safety Rules and Regulations as adopted for the Lake users.

G. All Rules and Regulations will be enforced by The Preserve's authorized agents or law enforcement officers.

H. Any person requesting permission for any special activities, be it recreational or fishing must obtain written permission from the Board of Directors of the Preserve.


A. Resident Member - Any resident owning lake front property on Meyers Lake or Meyers Lake Village Resident that have or rent a dock on the lake.

B. Guest - Any other person that is not a Resident Member, property renter (see C) or vacant property guest (see E) and who is being accompanied by a Resident.

C. Lake Property Renter- Any person who rents a home, apartment or property from a resident member or lake front property owner.

D. Vacant Property Owner-Any person who owns any vacant piece of land on the lake.

E. Vacant Property Guests-Any person fishing from vacant property and accompanied by resident member or property owner.


A. Each member shall be responsible for including but not limited to, the care, maintenance, safety, and security of his/her individual boat or watercraft. The Preserve will not be responsible for improper care, maintenance, or security. Safety and equipment will be the owners/users responsibility.

B. No boat or watercraft over twenty-four (24) feet in length or eight (8) feet in width may be kept or operated on Meyers Lake waters without permission of The Preserve.

1. The maximum size of any float or pontoon boat shall be a length of twenty-four (24) feet and width of eight (8) feet.

C. Before any boat or other watercraft shall be placed or maintained on the waters of Meyers Lake, the same shall be registered with and approved by the MLP and such craft will be assigned and will display a distinctive identification number assigned to it by the MLP. This distinctive identification number will be assigned after the appropriate fees are paid to the MLP.

1. Authorized Lake Use Members are limited to (1) Pontoon Boat and (3) other watercraft per Resident member, Lake Property Renter, or Vacant Property Owner classification. (See Section XIII(E) for description of "other watercraft")

2. Only numbers assigned by the MLP are permitted.

D. Jet skis shall not be used on the waters of Meyers Lake.

E. Remote control boats are not permitted on the waters of Meyers Lake.


A. The operation of a powered watercraft of any description, upon the waters of Meyers Lake, on which the motor propelling the craft exceeds ten (10) horsepower, is strictly prohibited.

B. The speed limit for all watercraft shall not exceed six (6) miles per hour.

C. All watercraft operators shall operate in a safe, courteous manner with due regard for the safety and property of others.

D. Towing flotation devices or people with any boat is at your own risk and is discouraged. Any person being towed or any person tubing shall wear a Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Device.

E. All boats or watercraft shall be operated and equipped in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Boat Operator's Guide. This includes all ORC/OBOG required safety equipment. Boat equipment is the boat owner's responsibility.

F. All boats and watercraft being operated upon Meyers Lake after dusk must display warning and safety lights in accordance with Coast Guard standards. Safety lights must be displayed at any time visibility does not render objects discernible for at least two hundred (200) feet.

G. No person under sixteen (16) years of age shall operate a boat or watercraft on Meyers Lake, unless accompanied by an adult, eighteen (18) years of age or older.

H. No unoccupied boat of any kind shall be anchored on Meyers Lake, except at a dock, shoreline, or attached on an occupied boat.

I. Every boat or other watercraft with a motor shall propel at the slowest speed possible when approaching another boat from which any person is boating or fishing.

J. All pleasure boats shall stay a reasonable and safe distance from an anchored fishing boat.

K. No person shall operate any boat or other watercraft while such person is under the influence of any alcohol or drugs, no disorderly, disruptive, or illegal conduct by any person will be tolerated.

L. No person shall ride in any boat with his or her feet hanging outside of the boat.


A. All special activities involving lake use must have advance written permission from Meyers Lake Preserve Board Of Directors, which controls the Lake usage.

B. Water skiing of any nature or description, is not permitted on Meyers Lake.

C. Swimming and/or diving from any boat, or watercraft is done at the risk of the Lake user. Lake users acknowledge that Meyers Lake is not attended by lifeguards. Swimming after dark is strongly discouraged.

D. Ice fishing, snowmobiles, and ATV's are prohibited on Meyers Lake. All other winter activities on Meyers Lake shall be at the users own risk.

E. No hunting or trapping of any kind is permitted on the waters of Meyers Lake, except with written permission of Meyers Lake Preserve, Inc. and then only for special wildlife control.

F. The discharging of any weapons, including but not limited to firearm, bow and arrow, cross bow, or air guns onto or into Meyers Lake is not permitted, except as described in (E) above.


A. There is no restriction except that ice fishing is prohibited (see rule D under Activities - General)

B. No fishing is permitted from any bridge, dam, or unauthorized area.

C. Fishing is only permitted from a boat or other watercraft or from the private Dock or property of a Resident Member or lake property renter (see K and L of this section).

D. All guest(s) who wish to fish must be accompanied by the Resident Member.

E. No person, organization, group, Resident Member or Guest may conduct any Fishing Tournament or group fishing, without the expressed written permission from the Meyers Lake Preserves Board of Directors, which controls Lake usage.

F. No person shall be permitted to use more than two (2) lines and not more than two (2) hooks to a line while fishing.

G. No fishing tackle shall be left in the water, unattended, from any dock or watercraft at any time.

H. Further rules may from time to time be adopted by the Preserve's Board of Directors. These rules may govern the time and manner of fishing, the tackle that may be used, and the size and number of fish that may be taken.

I. Meyers Lake Preserve members shall not grant permission to any person, group, or organization contrary to the aforementioned rules, without permission from the Preserve'S Board of Directors.

J. Lake property renters using a watercraft on Meyers Lake, must register their watercraft with The Preserve and must pay the appropriate lake use fees as listed in Section XII.

K. Those wishing to fish from any vacant property on Meyers Lake must be accompanied by the property owner.

L. Any person(s) using Meyers Lake must show upon demand, proof to verify their lake use rights to any Meyers Lake Preserve member or to any law enforcement officer, that they are authorized or legally entitled to use Meyers Lake. Any person not entitled to use Meyers Lake or is illegally using Meyers Lake, may be have their lake use privileges suspended or terminated and may be criminally prosecuted.


A. No oil, gasoline, defoliants, or any other chemicals of any kind, nature, or description shall be in any manner placed upon the waters of Meyers Lake, except as may be approved or directed by The Preserve.

B. No trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, or other vegetation of whatever nature or description growing in or upon Meyers Lake shall in any way or manner be injured or destroyed by any person, or group of persons, except as may be approved or directed by The Preserve.

C. The active or passive discharge of any litter, rubbish, leaves or trash of any kind, nature, description into or upon the waters of Meyers Lake is prohibited.


A. For the first violation of any rule or regulation contained herein, The Preserve or its agent and with the approval of one (1) of its Trustees, shall send by U. S. Mail (Certified Return Receipt Requested*) to the person or member, a written warning indicating (a) the nature of the rule violation, (b) the date of occurrence, and (c) the consequences of a further violation, unless such violation involves criminal activity or causes bodily injury and then such violation maybe subject to suspension or termination of lake usage rights.

*Note: Any person(s) refusing to accept certified mail shall be subject to immediate suspension until such time that person(s) requests a hearing under Article X and XI.

B. For the second violation of the same rule or regulation contained herein, The Preserve may suspend and/or revoke the violator(s) lake privileges which includes all fishing, boating, and other recreational activities for a period of time agreed upon by The Preserve's Board of Directors.

C. Any person, member, or guest, which has their lake privileges suspended and continues to use Meyers Lake for any purpose without written consent from The Preserve's Board of Directors, shall be subject to possible criminal and/or civil action by The Preserve and it's Board of Directors, in a court of competent jurisdiction. The prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney and court costs.

D. Law enforcement officers assigned to check or patrol Meyers Lake will have the option of issuing warnings or taking enforcement action in the form of a criminal summons or arrest for violations of local and state laws and these rules and regulations. In most cases, depending on the severity/frequency of the violation or infraction, a verbal or written warning will be issued first. If however, the person or persons after a verbal or written warning, continues to violate the rules and regulations and/or local and state laws, a summons/arrest may be done as a last resort.

E. The lake patrol may check fishermen and watercraft and enforce compliance to all Meyers Lake fishing regulations.


A. Any member or any person subject to suspension of lake privileges as contained in these Rules and Regulations, shall be entitled to a hearing prior to any suspension of lake privileges, provided that such person or member shall first, within three (3) days after receiving such written (Certified Mail*) notice of suspension, shall give notice to The Preserve by any means his/her desire to have a hearing before The Preserve hearing panel.

*Note: Refusal of certified mail shall result in a suspension of lake privileges until that person requests a hearing under Article X and XI.

B. Within ten (10) days of receipt of this notice, an officer of The Preserve shall notify the person or member by any means, of the date, time, and location of such hearing.

C. Any member or person who requests a meeting or hearing and then fails to attend will have waived his right to a hearing and the appropriate suspension will begin at 8:OOAM the day following the initial hearing date. Any person(s) who has their lake privileges suspended and continues to use the lake shall be subject to criminal charges and prosecution (Article IX-C).


A. The hearing panel shall consist of a minimum of three (3) officers of The Preserve. The Panel members shall be designated by the Board of Directors of Meyers Lake Preserve Inc. Lake users agree to hold harmless any panel members acting in such capacity. In any event, the President or the Vice President of The Preserve shall preside at the hearing.

B. A 2/3rds vote by the Meyers Lake Hearing Panel will be required to suspend any person or member.

C. A suspension hearing shall include a minimum of three (3) Meyers Lake Preserve Inc. Officers including the President or Vice-President and the affected member or person may be represented by not more than one (1) person.

D. The decision of the Hearing Panel is final and will take effect at 8:OOAM the day following the date of the suspension hearing, and the suspension will continue until such time that is deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors of The Preserve.

E. Such person or member shall comply with the decision of the Hearing Panel and will be subject to possible criminal charges and/or civil action in a court of competent jurisdiction in the event the person or member fails to comply with any decision of the Hearing Panel.

F. The Meyers Lake Preserve Inc., its members and/or Board of Directors shall be immune from any civil actions by any person or member as a result of the enforcement of the Rules and Regulations contained herein.


A. All membership/lake use fees must be paid for in full, prior to the use or enjoyment of Meyers Lake.

B. Membership/lake use fees must be paid for at the time a yearly membership/lake use sticker is obtained and are subject to change without notice.

C. Any person who fails to pay the proper fees is still subject to any laws and all Rules and Regulations contained herein.

D. All lake use fees must be paid to Putman Properties, Inc. and members/lake users must comply with local and state laws, lake rules and regulations.

E. Lake Use Fees are as follows:

Class 1 -$325.00/ Pontoon boats and sailboats greater than 16 feet in length

Class 2 - $225.00/ All fishing boats with motors

Class 3 - $50.00/ All other watercraft (kayaks, canoes, rowboats, windsurfers & paddleboats)


The Preserve
will charge a $50.00 late registration fee on any watercraft not registered prior to May 1st of each season.

Lake use fees are used to improve the water quality, fishing and environment of Meyers Lake.

Fees are subject to change. All guests must be accompanied by a resident member or property owner when boating or fishing.

Vacant Property Users (if fishing) must be accompanied by the property owner.

Lake Property Renters with a watercraft shall pay the appropriate fees as determined by the type of watercraft class in section XII E.


The Preserve shall not be responsible or liable for the injuries or death of any person or member using Meyers Lake or upon the property of The Preserve.

Additional Rules and Regulations may be promulgated as necessary for the management, maintenance, and safety of the Lake.

Note: The Rules and Regulations herein shall be enforced and reported by The Preserve or its agent. Failure to obey a proper, lawful order may result in the loss of lake privileges and/or other criminal or civil actions.

The Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Boat Operator's Guide shall pertain and be in effect for all lake users.

XV. Meyers Lake Preserve Inc. Board of Directors:

John B. Wirtz, President
Dave Smith, Trustee
Fred Kloots, Trustee
Chuck Decker, Trustee
Ron Briggs, Trustee
Lee DiCola, Trustee

To contact a Trustee, please write to MLP at:

PO Box 21300
Canton, OH 44701

Or email us at

Revised date: 03-15-12

Preserve Rules and Regulations