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Meyers Lake was founded in 1812 and Meyers Lake Village was incorporated in 1927. According to the 2000 census, its population was 565 people. Landmarks certainly include a 144 acre lake in a very peaceful surrounding in the central part of Stark County. From the 1920s through about 1974, Meyers Lake was the site of a popular Lakeview Park, later referred to as Meyers Lake Amusement Park and the Moonlight Ballroom. Many of the great dance bands of the era presented at the ballroom for the consumption of northeast Ohio residents. One of the greatest strengths of this location is quoted as being a very quiet setting around the lake's natural beauty making it a desirable location for living.

Watercraft dominated the crystal blue waters, while families and lovers strolled the picnic grounds, dance halls, hotels, restaurants and the midway, which from the late 1880s until 1974 was known as Lakeview Park, later becoming Meyers Lake Amusement Park.

According to the Stark Regional Planning Commission records, the first to claim the lake in 1812 was a European settler by the name of Bezaleel Wells, a founder of the city of Canton.

George Sinclair, who came to own the park, started with a roller coaster in the early 1900s. By 1926 he had several rides and had built the famous Moonlight Ballroom where big band music would resonate until the tragic night in January 1979 when fire destroyed the wooden floored ballroom about five years after the park had quietly closed. Sinclair was later joined in the venture by his son, George C. Sinclair, who died in 1987. The younger Sinclair's widow, Sally Sinclair of Massillon, Ohio, said the park closed "because the bigger parks phased him out and the fire at the ballroom and restaurant absolutely broke his heart".

Meyers Lake Village was incorporated in 1927 and has had its ups and downs during its early development. However, it has enjoyed a steady rejuvenation during the last 20 years.

Meyers Lake and several nearby parcels of property were sold nearly 70 years after continuous ownership by the Sinclair family. It was in 1994 that a nonprofit group called Meyers Lake Preserve purchased the lake. These five families purchased the lake from the Sinclair family, placing it in trust. It was their intent to leave a precious legacy for the residents of Meyers Lake Village and the community to be preserved forever for those who come there for enjoyment. The mission of the Meyers Lake Preserve is to practice the highest ecological standards for its water and provide permanent stewardship of the lake's recreational facilities. It was this purchase and dedication that stabilized the environment around Meyers Lake allowing it to enjoy a new era of development with condominiums as well as upgrading many homes.

A board of trustees has since been developed including the five original owners of the lake, who continue to provide guidance and direction to its local agent, Meyers Lake Fish Dock, Inc. Rules and regulations have been developed allowing a peaceful and enjoyable environment for the families who live in the village. Members of the Stark County Sheriff's Department have been employed to patrol the lake on a regular basis for safety and rules enforcement.

Today, there are approximately eight condominium homeowner developments that enjoy privileges at Meyers Lake. Meyers Lake Village is incorporated into Canton Township and enjoys proximity to interstate route 77, convenient shopping and major healthcare facilities.

All in all, a great place to live.

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